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Why use epoxy? Commercial grade 100% solid epoxies will tenaciously bond to a well prepared concrete floor. They are one of the most durable systems available today.
How do you prepare the floor to apply epoxy? Floor preparation is the key to successful epoxy floors. All concrete floors are prepared the same way. We start by degreasing the floor and repairing any cracks, chips, holes, or broken concrete. Next the floor is profiled (roughed up) with a shot blaster and diamond grinder.
I have some small cracks in my floor. What will be done with these? All cracks, chips and pitting will be repaired using epoxy filler before epoxy is applied.
How long will my floor last? Under normal circumstances a properly maintained floor should have a life expectancy of 15-20 years.
The epoxy floor sounds very strong, what can damage it? Epoxy has excellent impact resistance, however; anything that breaks concrete may damage the epoxy. If a heavy item like a sledge hammer strikes with enough force, the concrete could chip.
How long does the entire process take and when can I put my car back in the garage? Depending on the system and number of applications you choose, the process will take 3-6 days. Foot traffic is acceptable after 24 hours; vehicle traffic is acceptable after 72 hours.
What happens to the contents of my garage while the floor is being coated? It is most time-effective if the homeowner has the garage totally empty when we arrive.
What does the homeowner need to provide during the installation? We will bring our own tools and supplies. Access to an outside water faucet for clean up will be appreciated along with an electrical connection.
How will my home be protected from the dust and smell? At the start of the job, we will seal any doors and vents that lead into the home. All of our profiling equipment is used with a dust collection system. Dust is kept to a minimum. The epoxy emits a mild odor, but the door seal blocks the majority of the smell. Odors typically dissipate overnight
Why would I choose the 3MTM ColorquartzTM Crystals or the Micro Chip Granite instead of the Solid Color or Random Chip? The primary reason is appearance. All Armor Tuff floors use the same quality epoxy. The Micro-Chip and 3MTM ColorquartzTM Crystal floors are installed in layers which give the floor a rich deep finish.

Random chip floors are a compromise for creating a multi-color appearance which helps to hide imperfections, dirt and dust.

Solid color floors are more common in commercial floors and can be helpful for visually locating small tools and items that may drop on the floor.
What is the best method to clean my new floor? For light cleaning, a dust mop, broom or blower will do nicely. For heavier cleanings, a damp mop with a light ammonia / water mixture (6 ounces ammonia per gallon) will suffice, Avoid using soap or chemical cleaners on your floor. We strongly discourage the use of soap on the floors. Soap leaves a film that can become very slippery when wet.
Is the floor slippery? During topcoats, we can apply non-slip additives to keep your floor safe. On the micro-chip and 3M quartz finish, the chips/quartz will provide the non-slip finish. On the solid color or random chip process, we incorporate industrial quartz into the base application to provide slip resistance.
Reasons to coat your floor Concrete floors are coated for several reasons. These include:
  1. For a low maintenance, easy to clean surface
  2. For appearance sake ... a beautiful garage starts with a beautiful garage floor
  3. Chemical resistance ie: salt, gas, oil, etc.
  4. Safety (non-slip surface)
  5. To seal the surface from moisture and/or reduce dust
What is 100% solids epoxy? This is a commercial grade, quality epoxy and is available only to certified installers. This type of epoxy does not shrink after application. Solvent free epoxies (100% solid) have no strong fumes to deal with and their wet thickness equals their dry thickness.
What are chemical resistant urethanes? Chemical resistant urethanes are used as top coats because of their UV, chemical resistance and color stability qualities. They are often used for exterior applications and garage floors, etc.

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